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My parents send me a birthday care package of teas and other things. Best ever.
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Alright, Be honest. I still need to put the finishing touches on the boots, and the legging armor and add a few straps here and there. But my costume for the New York Comic Con in October.

Demon Hunter from Diablo 3 )
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Wait. Here did my summer holiday go? How is it almost the beginning of the school year again? Also, why is it called the beginning of the school year when the year is almost over?
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I have made a huge mistake. Going to Comic Con but decided to make my own costume. I need to start on it now!
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Cata brought me one of those live green amy men who attacked us when we shrunk ourselves. I didn't know they weren't all captured.

I have him in a jar. What should I do with him? Or her?
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How does driving in America work? Can I learn? Someone want to teach me? Do I have to be a citizen?
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Only been back to school for a week and already the homework is starting to pile up. Whatever happened to easing your way back into the rhythm?
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It's a live!!! MWhahahahahahhahaahahhahahaha
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Happy Birthday to me!
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I am ready! Bring it.
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I am not ready to be a Junior. I haven't done school shopping yet! What am I going to wear?! Who can take me shopping!?
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I am soooo hungry. Magic makes me sooooo hungry. Someone feed me. There isn't enough food in the kitchen.



Nov. 20th, 2015 10:57 am
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Um. I may or may not have made some drawings come to life on a piece of paper I was doodling on. I don't know how to stop it. Make it stop!

It is like one of those flip books but without the flipping part. It keeps repeating.

Edit a bit later: Cata is trying to eat it!
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Homecoming Week starts! I'm thrilled! Anyone going to the dance at the end of the week?
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So how does the first day of school go in America? Someone enlighten me.


Aug. 31st, 2015 02:59 pm
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'Ello! I was told to introduce myself once I get settled, but I haven't even unpacked yet! My name is Clea Lake, one of the three newly arrived students. I am thrilled to be here as I never been to America. I will be in Year 11. Uh, I believe that is Grade 10 here? I think... I have no idea what to expect or how exactly American School System run.

I mentioned two others that arrived with me. My best mates in the whole wide world: Sebastian Druid aka Bas (Don't let his personality deter you. He is quite loveable. <3 And he loves hugs). The other is Stephen Strange aka Steve (He thinks he is bloody brilliant, but I like to prove him wrong <3). They are kind of shy but I will do their introductions for them. Hopefully they will see this and be pleased with what I have done.

Ah, before I forget. We have a cat named Queen Cata of Catiland, Lady of the Yarnball, Dutchess of all Large Cats. Cata for short. She isn't like your average cat, she is special. She is a little skittish around people at first, but she'll warm up. She does like Lady Amanda and Lady Megan.


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