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I have made a huge mistake. Going to Comic Con but decided to make my own costume. I need to start on it now!
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Cata brought me one of those live green amy men who attacked us when we shrunk ourselves. I didn't know they weren't all captured.

I have him in a jar. What should I do with him? Or her?
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How does driving in America work? Can I learn? Someone want to teach me? Do I have to be a citizen?
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Only been back to school for a week and already the homework is starting to pile up. Whatever happened to easing your way back into the rhythm?
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It's a live!!! MWhahahahahahhahaahahhahahaha
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Happy Birthday to me!
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I am ready! Bring it.
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I am not ready to be a Junior. I haven't done school shopping yet! What am I going to wear?! Who can take me shopping!?
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I am soooo hungry. Magic makes me sooooo hungry. Someone feed me. There isn't enough food in the kitchen.



Nov. 20th, 2015 10:57 am
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Um. I may or may not have made some drawings come to life on a piece of paper I was doodling on. I don't know how to stop it. Make it stop!

It is like one of those flip books but without the flipping part. It keeps repeating.

Edit a bit later: Cata is trying to eat it!
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Homecoming Week starts! I'm thrilled! Anyone going to the dance at the end of the week?
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So how does the first day of school go in America? Someone enlighten me.


Aug. 31st, 2015 02:59 pm
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'Ello! I was told to introduce myself once I get settled, but I haven't even unpacked yet! My name is Clea Lake, one of the three newly arrived students. I am thrilled to be here as I never been to America. I will be in Year 11. Uh, I believe that is Grade 10 here? I think... I have no idea what to expect or how exactly American School System run.

I mentioned two others that arrived with me. My best mates in the whole wide world: Sebastian Druid aka Bas (Don't let his personality deter you. He is quite loveable. <3 And he loves hugs). The other is Stephen Strange aka Steve (He thinks he is bloody brilliant, but I like to prove him wrong <3). They are kind of shy but I will do their introductions for them. Hopefully they will see this and be pleased with what I have done.

Ah, before I forget. We have a cat named Queen Cata of Catiland, Lady of the Yarnball, Dutchess of all Large Cats. Cata for short. She isn't like your average cat, she is special. She is a little skittish around people at first, but she'll warm up. She does like Lady Amanda and Lady Megan.


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